Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
Transocean Air Lines - The First Aviation Conglomerate

Holly Equipment
Corporation was a wholly
owned subsidiary of
Transocean and operated
profitably under a
continuing lease
agreement with Western
Sky Industries (another TAL
subsidiary) for the use of
its facilities at Hayward
Airport at Hayward,
Western Sky was
established in 1952 when
TAL was awarded a
Douglas Aircraft Company
subcontract for an amount
in excess of $3.5 million for
the manufacture of aircraft
components. Housed in
the newly built Holly
Building, named for
Nelson's daughter Holly,
Western Sky Industries
assembled 931
wing-sections for the AD-4,
AD-5, and AD-6 Sky Raider,
the propeller driven
multi-purpose Douglas
Attack bomber of the U. S.
Navy. In 1955, the company
assembled forward
fuselage sections of the
Douglas built AD-3 Sky
Warrior, a U.S. jet bomber.
Western Sky's executive
staff included President
Ray T. Elsmore, Vice
President Elon Brown,
Treasurer Robert E. Hilliard
and Secretary S. McKee
The company employed
about 400 workers (with a
$1.2 million dollar annual
payroll) in its ultra-modern
60,000 square foot facility
with its high intensity
lighting, monorails, and
other aircraft production
Holly Equipment Corporation & Western Sky Industries
Western Sky Industries plant, Hayward, California
A center wing assembly being readied for shipment from
Western Sky Industries to Douglas Aircraft Company, El
Segundo, California
Employees of TAL subsidiary Western Sky Industries, Hayward,