Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
Transocean Air Lines - The First Aviation Conglomerate
The TALOA Trading Corporation

The TALOA Trading Corporation (TTC) was organized in 1951, following Orvis Nelson's
participation in a class in international trade at Lt. General Barton K. Younts' American Institute
of Foreign Trade at Thunderbird Field, Phoenix. In typical Nelson fashion, he hired the entire
class of fifteen students, including the instructor, to form another Transocean subsidiary to
develop a world trade organization.
The trading division was split into the Pacific Rim, under the direction of H.B. Obermiller and
Dick Derr; and the New York-Atlantic-European sphere, with Allan Barrie, George Nikolashin,
and Stanley Rose at its helm. Another principal in the operation was Otto Reinertsen.
Offices were established in New York, Geneva, London, Paris, Rome, Beirut, Asmara, Djakarta,
Tokyo, Okinawa, Caracas, Baghdad, and Honolulu. At these points, agents approached foreign
governments, manufacturers, exporters, importers, and merchandising agencies to find and
develop markets on a global scale.

TTC was composed of five distinct operations:
Richard Derr, director of
Taloa Trading Company.
Allan A. Barrie, director of Taloa Trading