TALOA Alumni Association
Transocean Air Lines             1946 - 1960
The esprit de corps among the people of this once great airline is as prevalent today as it was in
1946.  Perhaps the words of Wally Barnett, who was a radio operator for
Transocean, best sum up
the feelings of most of the airlines’ alumni: “We were a young, enthusiastic group, mostly straight
from the military.  We wanted to make our niche in the commercial aviation world.  We worked,
played, lived, and some died together.  There was something magic about
Transocean Air Lines; a
magic that I haven’t experienced since.”

Today, a half century since the airline’s demise, nearly 500 of its former employees – and now their
children & grandchildren – are members of the Taloa Alumni Association.  Seldom can a group of
former employees of a defunct company match Taloans in keeping in touch with one another for so
long a time.  The
Transocean group can be compared to an extended family as it meets for their
reunion every year.    
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Meet the TALOA Alumni Association Board Of Directors

Taloa Alumni Association Board of Directions - Duties & Responsibilities

•        Prepare meeting agenda.  Contact Board members for agenda items.
•        Attend & conduct Board meetings
•        Review minutes from previous meetings for clarity, errors, or omissions.
•        Represent and be the contact Board person to the Alumni Association and to the public

•        Collect Dues & maintain record of payment (names, addresses, phone #s)
•        Maintain Board’s financial register, including checkbook
•        Attend & deliver financial report at Board meetings
•        Compile financial report twice yearly for newsletter publication to Alumni Association Members
•        Collect Reunion payments
•        Reimburse expenses incurred by Board members including Reunion activities, Newsletter     
printing & mailing, Website Hosting, Meeting expenses, and Alumni Association related costs.

•        Develop & maintain www.taloa.org, writing & adding new material as it becomes available
•        Pay Yahoo web hosting fee, submit bill to Treasurer for reimbursement
•        Keep member roster and email subscriber’s list compiled  through website submissions
•        Respond to comments & questions submitted on website
•        Report website traffic & user statistics to Board 4 times/year

Alumni Newsletter Editor
•        Write, develop, & compile newsletters
•        Respond to comments & questions submitted to editor
•        Keep Taloa roster, including all current & lifetime members with address info
•        Assist Reunion chair in developing Reunion form
•        Work with Printer to develop hardcopy newsletter
•        Label and mail newsletters
•        Write Internet Code and publish Online newsletter
•        Add to & maintain Archives of both hardcopy & online newsletter versions