TALOA Alumni Association
Transocean Air Lines             1946 - 1960
The esprit de corps among the people of this once great airline is as prevalent today as it was in
1946.  Perhaps the words of Wally Barnett, who was a radio operator for
Transocean, best sum up
the feelings of most of the airlines’ alumni: “We were a young, enthusiastic group, mostly straight
from the military.  We wanted to make our niche in the commercial aviation world.  We worked,
played, lived, and some died together.  There was something magic about
Transocean Air Lines; a
magic that I haven’t experienced since.”

The TALOA Alumni Association no longer meets as even some of its youngest employees are in their
late 90s. However, many of the children & grandchildren of Taloa employees still keep in touch and
keep the memory of Transocean alive.