Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
Transocean Air Lines - The First Aviation Conglomerate
  Soon after taking to the skies in 1946 to fly anything, anywhere, anytime, Nelson began to
expand into other areas, usually with great success. But by the mid-fifties and after acquiring
several subsidiary businesses, some of the men closest to Nelson began to express concern
that perhaps Transocean had over-diversified its resources and that the company was in danger
of decline. Nevertheless, from its inception in 1946 until as late as 1959, Transocean basked in
the glow of spectacular success in most of its endeavors. The airline and its divisions often
received commendations from both` military and civilian groups for its contributions to aviation.

Hangar 28

Madsen Lights and TAL Inventions

Taloa Academy of Aeronautics

Atlantic - European Division

Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance Company (AEMCO)

Skyscape Interiors, Trim & Upholstery Division of AEMCO

Oakland Aircraft Engine Service (OAES)

Transocean Engineering Company (TEC)

The TALOA Trading Corporation (TTC)

TALOA Printing Company

Air Activities, Inc.

Holly Equipment Corporation

Western Sky Industries

Landing Aids Experiment Station

The Industrial Development Division

Arrowhead Broom Factory

Al's Barber Shop at Oakland Airport

Air Jordan

Air Djibouti
  Known throughout the industry as the flying airline president, Nelson was the only top executive
of a major airline during the late 1940s to hold transport pilot ratings. The number one globetrotter
spent much time away from his desk in search of business or visiting Transocean's far-flung
outposts, all the while keeping an eye out for profitable enterprises to add to his ever expanding
international business empire, or airplanes to add to the fleet.