TALOA Alumni Association
Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
Meet the Board...
Jeane Kennedy Toynbee, Chairman, Newsletter Editor,
"I retired a few years ago and now have the time to pick and
choose the more pleasurable assignments in my life.  And
working with TALOANS and their families is definitely high on
my list!  Not only is it a chance to reconnect with childhood
friends, such as Pat & Janet, its also a time to meet & work with
people who knew my father & mother.  After all these years I'm
still fascinated & entertained by the many stories they all tell.  
But more than that, I'm committed to keeping Transocean Air
Lines alive in the hearts & minds of generations to come.
Our website now draws interest from around the world and it's
gratifying to put people in touch with each other and keep the
spirit of Transocean Air Lines going.  I'm hoping other 2nd &
3rd generation TALOANS will become active in the Alumni
Association.  I guarantee you - the journey is pure pleasure!"

Pat Stachon Kearns, Treasurer
"I came to the job in a round about way - my husband Bo
volunteered me at one of the reunions!!  At the time, I thought -
"thanks a lot!  I really don't have time for this!"  But boy, was I
wrong - this has given me a whole new appreciation of what
our parents accomplished. Sure, I grew up hearing Transocean
stories, but hearing them with an adult perspective from
original Taloans has made that remarkable time come alive for
me.  And now with our new website, and Jeane Kennedy's
talent and expertise; we are getting e-mails from people all over
the world about their Transocean experiences.
There was no such thing as a 'routine' flight - a 4 day trip could
turn into 2 weeks in places no one had heard of, in an aircraft
you had patched together, with the odds against you getting
from A to B !!!  And while our dads were doing this, our moms
kept things going at home.  Amazing times, and amazing
I would invite other 2nd generation Taloans to join us in
keeping the memories alive.  For me, it is an honor and
pleasure to know them."