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Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
Both outdoor and indoor (simulator) shots
were taken on Transocean's premise. TAL
captains Bill Keating and Royal Minson
instructed Doris Day how to handle the
simulator controls properly. The camera
was positioned behind the simulator, and
its windshield was re-moved so that the
filming would pick up a "process" screen
in front of the simulator. This "process"
screen would show all of the aerial views
of snowcapped mountains and valleys so
it appeared that she was actually flying an

Movie stars Doris Day and Anne Robinson
Jule centered on Louis
Jourdan as a concert
pianist who plans to
murder his wife, played
by Doris Day, who
eventually has to
assume control of the
airplane on which they
are flying.
Movie star Doris Day,
Holly Nelson and Orvis
Nelson. Photo taken
when Julie" was being
filmed at Taloa Academy,
Oakland, California, 1956
For filming the landing scene, a large Mitchell camera was mounted in the co-pilot's seat of one of
TAL's DC-4s to record the approach through the windshield of the aircraft. To achieve as much reality
as possible, the director wanted the landing to appear rough-as though a novice was at the controls.
But the pro at the controls was Captain Keating. "I kept the airspeed rather high because we would
intentionally bounce the aircraft at least five or six times down the runway for interior and ground
cameras.  As a result of the long, fast approach and those bounces-which were between thirty and forty
feet high into the air-when we turned off at the end of the runway, the outboard right tire blew out. We
couldn't have done better if we'd tried!"