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Transocean Air Lines        1946 - 1960
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N90806 DC6-B, Hilo HI
2/15/53. L to R: Grady
Lee Barnett (station
agent), Stanley
(dispatcher), Douglas T.
Cole (station mgr,
Honolulu), Frances
Brenda Reilly
(stewardess), Carol
Bargones (stewardess),
Jim Henderson
(engineer), John
Hoenninger (Navigator),
Leonard Nowell (co-pilot),
Robert Judd (captain)
DC-6B "Royal Hawaiian"
N68968 C-46 Alaska Leased
from USAF
OAK 11/1953
Photo: William T. Larking
N9812F L749 -A Constellation
"Kansas City Kitty" -
DC4 put into 1st
class shape by TAL's
Hanger 28
N9816F L749-A
N31234 Consolidated
Photo: Albert Harris
N9940F C-54
EP-ADJ Iranian AL
OAK 7/1954
Photo: William T. Larking
B17 used to fly Colonel
Soriano around the world, the
"San Miguel"
Photo: Frank Kennedy
N3980C DC-3
EP-ADI, Iranian AW 1955
Photo: Ralph Lewis
DC-4 N88756
N90806 DC6-B
#8 Frank Kennedy
#21 N51424, The
Polar Bear Line
#22 N51424, The
Polar Bear Line
#23 N51424, The Polar
Bear Line
#38 N68963
#25 N51424, The Polar Bear
#26 N51424, The Polar Bear
Landing Aids
Experimental Station's all
weather flying center
(Arcata, CA,
44-85607, Taloa insignia
on fin. Photo taken at
SFO, 1947
Sherwood Nichols, center, by
"Workhorse Harry" last aircraft
to fly the Berlin Airlift
:"Argentine Queen" ready for
test flying by Capt. Bill
Keating.  Later flown in
High & the Mighty"
"Argentine Queen" being
completely rebuilt at TAL
Hanger 28
Colonel Soriano's
plane sent to
Transocean for
overhaul &
refurbishing, 1947
"Argentine Queen"
comes together,
TAL C124 on ramp at Wake Island
Taloa Academy of
Aeronautics Stearman
training planes, Minter
Field, BaKersfield CA
TAL C124 on ramp at Wake
SA-16 N9943F at OAK 1954
SA-16 N9944F at OAK 1954
Grumman Albatross
with AEMCO group
"Widgeon" G-44
leased from Jim
Magoffin, Alaska
1950 - 1952
Noordyn Norseman
N61321, Alaska Div. later
sold along with N49375 &
N75938 to Ontario
Central Airlines for
De-icing the wings of a
Noordyn Norseman  with a
rope, Alaska
Boeing Stratocruiser B-377
Convair CV 240
Boeing Stratocruiser
B-377 N409Q
Boeing Stratocruiser
B-377 N404Q
Lockheed L-1049G
Cargo flights brought several
loads of monkeys from Asia to
the the US.  Photo by Ralph
Lewis, courtesy of Martha Jane
"Taloa Panama" DC$ N90915
(photo courtesy of William T.
"Taloa Panama" DC$ N90915
- landing
(photo courtesy of William T.
DC4 - N30048
Grumman N9942F
#41 DC4N68961
#42 DC4N75416
Digital profile of DC4 courtesy
of David Carter
Super Connie N1880
Super Connie N1880
Super Connie
Transocean Hangar at
Oakland Airport
DC 4 - N9941F
DC-4 N30048
DC-4 N30045 at Heathrow