TALOA Alumni Association
Transocean Air Lines             1946 - 1960
The excitement and joy of these dedicated people who pioneered together to create
Transocean Air Lines comes to a momentary pause as they remember each of their
fallen comrades.

Frank Kennedy

Beau Guinther

Ed Peiffer

Robert McIntosh

Roland Halper

Merle Sheets

Ran Reid

Russ Steinhauer

Many great tributes have been written and will be added as our webmaster finds the time!  If anyone
has pictures of any of the above Taloans, please
contact the webmaster and the pictures will be
added to their page.
The hundreds of men &
women who were
Transocean Air Lines
called themselves
"Taloans".  The telex
machines used during
the 40's & 50's
designated 5 call letters
Transocean Air
Lines OAkland.